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While we take root with our experience, like the meaning of the name "Maslina", we aim to expand our sphere of influence unlimitedly with our dreams. We aim to expand our recognition by adding new ones to our domestic and international business partners, which we serve with curtain fabrics and tulle products, as well as the ones we have.

We plan our route with our dreams in this journey of success we embarked on. As we get closer to our goals with each passing day, we are working to be one of the sustainable leading companies. In these journeys, each new agenda increases our targets, expands our family and raises our quality standards. We blend our quality with our diversified designs. We provide cutting services from our offices, which we started in a short time, mainly in Lithuania, Ukraine, Romania and Poland.

With the contributions of our valuable domestic and domestic business partners, we are going step by step towards our goals.

To be excited to reflect you in your private living spaces and to reflect the pride of shaping your dreams with special touches. We are here to serve you in domestic and international fairs with our experienced, dynamic and expert team.

Among our goals is to serve you at more points and to reach more dreams by combining our varieties with quality.

We wish to go together with you on this journey and to meet in common dreams...

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